Key Menu Settings

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Key Menu Settings


Exposure Mode - AUTO sets the required shutter speed for the current light level. The shutter speed will automatically detect the required length of time to keep the digital sensor exposed to light. FLK option sets the shutter speed to stop synchronisation with lighting so that pulsing effect is minimised.


White Balance - Colour adjustment of the camera to be set up so objects appear a natural colour. ATW (Automatic tracking white balance) continually tracks and adjusts the white balance, making it suitable for use in cameras in which the image content and lighting are subject to changes.


Day & Night - The camera can be set to colour or B&W mode or have it automatically switch External is set as default, the switch between colour and black & white is controlled by an external trigger In this a light dependent resistor.  Delay can be set which will instruct the camera to wait for a set length of time before switching. This accommodates for any temporary drops in light


DNR (Noice Reduction) - Noise Reduction is the process of removing noise from the video signal by applying a digital filter. 2D noise reduction reduces noise in the foreground of the image where as 3D noise reduction reduces noise in both the foreground and the background of the image.


D-WDR - Digitally adjusts the exposure in areas of the frame to maintain optimum levels in both the dark and bright areas of an image.


Reset - Defaults the camera to factory settings. This setting helps when fault finding issues with the camera to ensure all settings are defaulted.