DoorKnox Keypad Video Door Entry Camera

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DoorKnox Keypad Video Door Entry Camera


VDP103 - Quick Start Guide



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VDP103s from serial number HBY00401 onwards has new firmware that is setup and programmed from the keypad. Prior to this serial number the VDP103 required access to the back of the unit to add cards or PIN numbers.






The VDP103 needs to be powered from the 2.1mm DC Socket with a local 12V DC power supply as well as the connections going back to the monitor.




When mounting the door entry camera it is recommended to be installed between 150 to 160cm above the floor (About 5 feet) it should not be mounted in direct sunlight.


When recess mounting the camera create a recess of 200mm (h) x 96mm (w) x 29mm (d).


It is important that the recess created is no more than 30mm deep otherwise the securing screws cannot be accessed.



Default Settings

Admin PIN -     999999

Entry Pin -         No Default

Unlock Mode - Card or PIN

Unlock Time - 2s

Safe Mode -     Off


Entering Admin Mode

Press *(Admin PIN )# the VDP103 will beep 2 twice and the light behind the name panel will flash slowly.

If an incorrect PIN is entered the VDP103 will beep 4 times.

For security reasons it is best to change the Admin PIN during installation.  



Adding an Entry PIN

Adding an Entry Pin will allow access regardless of the unlock mode that the VDP is set to.

In admin mode:-

Press 011#nnnnnn# (single beep)

nnnnnn# (double beep)

Note: nnnnn n = new 6 digit PIN.






To release an electronic door using a PIN, simply enter the PIN followed by the ‘#’ key. You will hear two short beeps if the PIN is correct, otherwise you will hear four short beeps.


For programming fobs or cards see the full manual